Department of Computer Application

The Department of Commerce Application was started in the year 2002. It is an undergraduate Commerce Course. Computer Application is application software which is designed to help the user to perform specific tasks.


  • By studying the commerce in the first and Second semester the students can develop the understanding and skills to prepare Accounts of corporate sectors and also the knowledge in current issues in the area of accounting. 

  • They acquire knowledge of Indian company act of 1956 and its amendments. 

  • It helps students to acquire conceptual knowledge of financial accounting and to impart skills for recording various kinds of business transactions.

  • Students opting to undergo this course learn not only the subjects of Commerce, but are also taught to use the software technology for their professional requirements.

  • The course bridging commerce and computer applications helps them to become smart and employable. Training in Computer Applications in the field of commerce is an extra mileage in placements.


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