Department of Management

The Department of Management (BBA), established in the year 2002, aspires to impart education to the students and equip them with the knowledge, skill and attitude required in the business world. Provide solid foundation in wide range of business aspects such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Business Research and Management.

The Department has been constantly upgrading the program to match the changes in the external environment. We always set high standards to perform the activities for the benefit of student community in various areas of management.

Students are also encouraged to start their own business venture as they learn the basic and advanced concepts about entrepreneurship. The students also have the opportunity to pursue their higher education in different programmes like MBA, PGDM, CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) certified programme and other equivalent management programmes and diploma programmes.

Outcomes :

  • Develop ethical thinking. 

  • Develop functional and general management skills. 

  • Inculcate a global mindset. 

  • Evaluate different business problems using analytical and creative, and integrative abilities. 

  • Build and Demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and social skills. 6. Communicate effectively in different contexts. 

  • Analyze socio-political-economic environment of business organizations.


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